Planet Earth (Jack Challoner, Robin Kerrod, Rodney Walshaw)

Photographs and text work together to tell the amazing story of our planet. You will discover exactly how much life on Earth depends upon a thin protective blanket of atmosphere, meet a deepwater fish that first appeared 400 million years ago, and understand the issues that affect the future of our planet. Topics from rocks and minerals to wild weather are covered, with fact boxes and colour diagrams to highlight important information. Over 60 fun science experiments are included, such as splitting light into a rainbow, making a volcano eruption or growing crystals.

  • ISBN: 9780754812074
  • Izdavac: Lorenz Books
  • Godina: 2003.
  • Uvez: meki
  • Jezik: engleski
  • Broj stranica: 264

Cijena: 39,00 kn

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