Between Exile and Asylum (Predrag Matvejevic)

An amalgam of utopia and despair is what characterizes An Eastern Epistolary, the work that the bookkeepers all too often mistakenly place on the shelf of political
literature. This is in fact a novel, in the sense Shklovsky and the Russian formalists saw it, bringing together fiction and a document… A whole that offers a surprising image of newer history, a kind of epopee of paradox

Jean-Baptiste Michel: Le Nouvel Observateur


An Eastern Epistolary fits into the tradition of
epistolary novel… Some day this breviary will be
read as a modern replica of Don Quixote.

Jean-Michel Palmier: Le Monde Diplomatique


This book is at the same time a humane and literary
testimony, in itself it conciliates the daring defense of
freedom and deep cosmopolitan emotion, which
knows nothing of national separation.

Claudio Magris: Corriere della Sera


The question of what literary genre this work belongs to is completely irrelevant. What is important is that this is true literature.

Ismail Kadaré: Fnac-Etoile, Pariz

  • ISBN: 9789533045580
  • Biblioteka: The Best of Croatian Literature
  • Izdavac: VBZ
  • Godina: 2013.
  • Uvez: meki
  • Jezik: engleski
  • Broj stranica: 288
  • Format: 13,5×20 cm

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