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“Drakulic presents here a collection of essays that explore life in various Eastern European countries since the fall of communism. As a citizen of Croatia living now in Vienna with her Swedish husband, she writes knowingly as a survivor of a communist regime, as one who realizes that pitfalls still lie ahead for nations emerging from the Soviet yoke. In Albania, she observes rage everywhere in people who seem to want to smash all vestiges of the Hoxha regime. In Romania, she comments on the execrable state in which public toilets are maintained: "[T]he standard of Romanian toilets reflects the nature of the communist system of which it is a legacy"; "the absence of any improvement is… a warning for the future of democracy" there. Drakulic’s pungent and insightful ruminations not only describe life in her part of the world, she makes us feel it as well. Author tour.“ Publishers Weekly
“Insightful… The book not only helps to illuminate the political and social problems facing much of Eastern Europe, but also sheds new light on the daily life of its residents, their emotional habits, fears and dreams.” The New York Times

  • Broj stranica: 208
  • Jezik: Engleski
  • Datum izdanja: 10.07.2014
  • Godina izdanja: 2014
  • Uvez: Meka
  • ISBN/EAN: 9789533046570
  • Mjere proizvoda: 20×13,5 cm
  • Izdavač: V.B.Z.
  • Autor: Slavenka Drakulić

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