National Geographic – Croatia from above (Davor Rostuhar)

"National Geographic – Croatia from above" has unfolded over the course of seven years and has captured Croatia’s beauty, landscapes, and sights like never before. It is not only photographic recors of scenic panoramas, but also of ancient customs and rituals, pilgrimages and gatherings, commercial and leisure activities, and historical and arhitectural treasures. The views from above reveals all that our homeland has to offer, and emphasizes what we should protect for all time.

Hrvoje Prcic

editor-in-Chief, National Geographic Croatia


I dream that one day we will fly, rise to the heavenly heights,

enjoy the view, and then fly even higher and higher.

With featherlike ease we will cruise the endless expanses of silence.

We will be the warmth of the sun.

We will be the beauty of the land.

We will be the peace of the cosmos.

A moment of eternity.


Davor Rostuhar

Concept author of photography

  • ISBN: 978-953-99434-5-3
  • UDK: 908(497.5)
  • Izdavac: KEK – Klub za ekspedicionizam i kulturu
  • Godina: 2014.
  • Uvez: tvrdi
  • Jezik: hrvatski
  • Broj stranica: 400

Cijena: 249,00 kn