Shorter School Dictionary (John McIlwain)

Especially designed to support the language and literacy needs of children aged 10+, this concise dictionary will support pupils through SATs, as well as fulfilling the literacy framework objectives for dictionary skills. It develops and reinforces essential dictionary features such as extended entries with multiple definitions, parts of speech (verb, noun, etc), derivations and inflexions (plurals, comparative forms, tenses of a verb, etc), guidewords and related words. It also provides etymologies for words from both modern languages and cultures and more ancient origins. Synonyms and antonyms are highlighted for common and overused words to encourage vocabulary building and enrich understanding. Word families are grouped together in word family boxes. Common prefixes and suffixes are highlighted and defined.

  • ISBN: 9780003161601
  • Izdavac: HarperCollins
  • Godina: 2001.
  • Uvez: tvrdi
  • Jezik: engleski
  • Broj stranica: 448

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