Silly Billy: Pool Fool (Bang on the door)

Follow the adventures of Silly Billy — the boy with a trick up his sleeve! Silly Billy is a very silly boy. He plays silly practical jokes on his friends and family, and he is always trying to figure out things in some very silly experiments. His sister worships him, his parents despair of him, and his dog…Well, his dog doesn’t trust him an inch. In this second book, Silly Billy wants a cool new haircut, like all the boys at school. His mum isn’t very keen – but it doesn’t stop Silly Billy practising…on Baz the rabbit!

  • ISBN: 9780007152155
  • Izdavac: Collins
  • Godina: 2003.
  • Uvez: meki
  • Jezik: engleski
  • Broj stranica: 96

Cijena: 22,00 kn