Superherbs (Michael Van Straten)

The recent controversies surrounding BSE and GM foods have brought into focus the vital link between the food we eat and our health. While many people believe that culinary herbs are used to simply flavour foods, "Superherbs" shows that they also contribute to our well-being, helping to relieve illness and disease. Following on from "Superjuice" and "Organic Superfoods", "Superherbs", the new title from health expert Michael van Straten, addresses the nutritional and healing properties of herbs and explores the variety of ways in which they can be used in cooking. As well as a comprehensive Herbal Pharmacy that sets out the often surprising medicinal benefits of many well-knwon and some lesser-known herbs, there is a range of nutritionally orientated recipes arranged in highly focused chapters, including Power Herbs, Protective Herbs and Cleansing Herbs. Practical guidance on growing, storing and freezing herbs is also included.

  • ISBN: 9781840002614
  • Izdavac: Mitchell Beazley
  • Godina: 2000.
  • Uvez: meki
  • Jezik: engleski
  • Broj stranica: 144

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