Nakladnici: Hrvatski hidrografski institut, Split; Basic produktion, Zagreb; Algoritam d.o.o., Zagreb
Koncept i dizajn: Julije Skelin
Fotografije: Julije Skelin, Robert Ravnić, Arhiv HHI-a

TWENTY EXCELLENT Croatian writers, poets, painters, journalists, who have never before appeared together between the covers of one book, have related their experiences, their thoughts on islands and on life there. Some are islanders themselves and these are their stories, reflections, viewpoints. The book is a collection of authorial works, stories, poems and personal memories making up a literary archipelago. All stories are islands; as valuable as the real islands which have given me so many happy days. This gives me the chance to share this pleasure with you who, reading this book, will uncover the secrets of one of the most enchanting places on the planet: the coast and the islands on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea, the most beautiful archipelago on the Mediterranean.

I HAVE NEVER lived for a long time on an island.
I have always been right next to it. Perhaps this is why we never got tired of one another. This was a coexistence in which islanders and islands had their place. Whether these were the islands of the Stockholm archipelago where I spent the longest period of time or whether it was sailing through the archipelagos of the Baltic or the north Atlantic. Professionally or privately we repeatedly met and each time took pleasure in our companionship. Knowledge about other islands, the ones I never managed to visit, I got from reading books written by someone else.
The island has its laws which you need to know. If you approach it as a tourist devoted only to yourself you will perhaps overlook what is most valuable: the authentic contact with the distinct island environment. I have always attempted to approach the island in a way the island desires. In return I received from the island the most valuable gift, the beauty and satisfaction of companionship. In the end I have to confess that in this companionship I remained the debtor. I sought for a long time how to repay this debt. I decided to create a book with tales about the islands told by those who know how to relate this.

  • Broj stranica: 264
  • Jezik: Engleski
  • Jezik originala: Hrvatski
  • Godina izdanja: 2010
  • Uvez: Tvrda
  • ISBN/EAN: 9789533161211
  • Izdavač: Algoritam
  • Autor: Skupina autora

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