The Encyclopedia of Mythology (Arthur Cotterell)

This work covers three great traditions of European mythology: classical (Greco-Roman), Celtic (including Welsh), and Norse (including Slavic). Each section has a brief introduction giving a broad overview of the historical setting of the tradition, including a map of the territories where the myths were believed. The sections are in dictionary format with extensive cross-references. There are also two-page spreads on such special topics as "Voyagers" and "Heroes" in the classical section, "Sagas and Seers" and "Single Combat" in the Celtic, and "Treasures and Talismans" and "Tragic Lovers" in the Norse.

The text is lavishly illustrated with everything from photographs of ancient artifacts to contemporary watercolors, most in full color. The Pre-Raphaelites, Aubrey Beardsley, and Arthur Rackham are heavily represented. The book is designed so that the illustrations enhance rather than obstruct the text. The caption for the illustration of Lif and Lifthrasir in the Norse section does not agree with the entry as to who is male and who is female. A pronunciation guide for Gaelic, Welsh, and Slavic names would have been helpful. Librarians and students who are not sure to which tradition a mythological character belongs will find a detailed name index at the end.

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