The road to character

…thrive when a general balance is struck between these two imperatives, but we live in a culture that encourages us to think about the external side of our natures rather than the inner self. We hanker for praise instead of following our hearts, and we self-promote rather than confront our weaknesses. In this urgent and eye-opening book, David Brooks asks us to confront the meaning of true fulfilment. A famous columnist for The New York Times and best-selling author, Brooks found himself living in a shallow mode. For years, he remained focused on getting ahead and reaping the rewards for his efforts, placing his career before his character. Finding himself at a crossroads, Brooks sought out men and women who embodied the moral courage he longed to experience. Citing an array of history’s greatest thinkers and leaders – from St. Augustine and George Eliot to Dwight Eisenhower and Samuel Johnson – he traces how they were able to face their weaknesses and transcend their flaws. Each one of them chose to embrace one simple but counterintuitive truth: in order to fulfil yourself, you must learn how to forget yourself. An elegant interweaving of politics, spirituality and psychology, The Road to Character proves that it is how we want to be remembered – and not what we put on our CVs – that truly matters.

  • Jezik: Engleski
  • Godina izdanja: 2015
  • Uvez: Tvrda
  • ISBN/EAN: 9780241186725
  • Mjere proizvoda: 24×16,2 cm
  • Izdavač: Penguin Books

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